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Full-service digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes

About Trafficon

Since 2019, Trafficon has been working with numerous Australian and global businesses to create and execute result-driven digital marketing and communication strategies.

Today, brands require consistent exposure and communication across the digital world. Therefore, Trafficon solutions cover all aspects of digital communications, from search engine and social media to marketing data analysis and conversion rate optimisation.

As a leading Australian digital marketing agency, the Trafficon team combines our understanding of various cultures and knowledge in information technology and digital marketing to deliver exceptional results for businesses working across geographical borders. We help to create brands, plan market activation strategies and execute accordingly, all with the aim of supporting the growth of your business.

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The Trafficon team provides businesses in Australia and beyond with a wide selection of web development and digital marketing services.

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What We Do

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is your way to connect with your audience, ensuring that you’re front and centre on the first page whenever they look for your service. As an experienced team that has provided SEO services for some of Australia’s largest brands, Trafficon is dedicated to supporting businesses large and small.

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Content Marketing

At Trafficon, we know that to be a creative agency, you need to have experience in creative fields. Members of our team have worked in journalism, PR, content marketing, SEO and link building for over a decade, meaning that we can offer a perfect balance of well-written, engaging content and optimisation.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) offers you a fast track straight to the top of Google and other search engines. Whether you are a new business looking for quick wins or an established company looking to maintain your visibility, Trafficon’s Search Engine Marketing specialists have the skills to get the results you need.

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Web Design & Development

From design and IA structure planning to development, implementation, and optimisation, Trafficon’s web design and development team will take care of everything, providing you with a website that can support your brand for years to come.

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Data Analysis

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know exactly what you’re working with, which means up-to-date insights on each facet of your online marketing strategy. Trafficon supports businesses with strategies based on up-to-date user data and insights from our combined decades of experience in the industry.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is the perfect place to let your brand truly shine, so why not leverage it? At Trafficon, we know what it takes to get noticed online. So, why wait? Leave your social presence in the hands of the experts.

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Whether you’re providing a service, selling a product, or simply trying to provide information through a blog or digital publication, getting noticed online is never an easy thing. A lot goes into ensuring that people have the chance to find and interact with your website, which is why we’ve brought every part of that process under one roof. Whether you need an Australian web development agency or an experienced digital marketing specialist to get you ranking at the top of Google’s SERPs, Trafficon has the experience, knowledge, and passion to support your goals.

Case Studies


Developing Websites On Behalf of the World’s Leading Brands

No matter how big or small a brand is, it still requires a fantastic website to stand out online

case2 3

The Power of Brand Growth Through SEO

It can be hard to stand out online, especially when you’re in a market that already offers a considerable amount of competition.


The Perfect SEO Package For A Packaging Company

Wholesale supplies can be a very competitive industry at the best of times, with many established businesses working to maintain their top spot as the leaders in their industry niche.

case3 1

Airbnb Management SEO: The Long Game of Short-Stay Rentals

There are very few industries that have seen the same level of consistency over the past decade as Airbnb and short-stay rental hosting.


Making Jewellery Displays the Main Event With a Fresh Website

No matter how fantastic a service your business provides, it’s important that you have a website that can really showcase that service if you want to succeed.


Furniture Finesse: The Power of Full-Service SEO

As an online store in the modern age, there is a lot of competition out there, and a lot of different people telling you that they can help you beat that competition for a price.

Client Testimonial

Lee chen Teoh
Lee chen Teoh
Absolutely amazing service from Jacob and his team. Appreciated the effective prompt action to fix my website. Their ability not only solved the situation but also highlighted the commitment to ensuring my website run smoothly. Thank you once again for your exceptional effort; it truly speaks volumes about the teams professionalism and dedication.
Kendra Chang
Kendra Chang
Jacob is strategist in terms of helping your business optimise your pathway on the e-commerce site. I would highly recommend him!
campbell somerville
campbell somerville
Trafficon helped me grow my business from naught to a hundred in a couple of months. Growth has been amazing. Search engines have been optimised. Looking for my first 10k month in September. All signs pointing towards it. Thank you Trafficon.
Mitchell oman
Mitchell oman
Trafficon was a really good help in my set up of my personal e-com brand, without them i wouldn't be making $6k extra passive income monthly. would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to level up their brand
Danny Liang
Danny Liang
Trafficon provide fantastic service to our company. They made a gorgeous website for us and also provide awesome advice to us. Love it. Thanks and appreciate.
Michael Tjendara
Michael Tjendara
Jacob helped my brand, Purity Vitamin, in running digital marketing campaigns using mainly Google Ads. I really like his professionalism and strategic advices especially for a new e-commerce business such as mine. Will recommend his services to anyone that is looking to get some help in digital marketing.
Steve M
Steve M
I've been working with the guys at Trafficon for a few months now for my E-commerce business. The results so far have been really positive! Hope to scale further for Q4 season. Thanks again guys. It's nice to work with a team you can trust.
Ally Li
Ally Li
Jacob is just amazing. He is very professional and knowledgble in the SEO field. Our communication was clear and efficient. He is also a helpful and genuine person. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality SEO services.
Sharon Mak
Sharon Mak
Amazing service by my account manager Fei Jian, he's efficient and professional.

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