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As I read through many of the business blogs, Subreddits, and forums that I go to for trends and insights into the online business scandals of the day, it has been quite hard to avoid discussions of eCommerce’s slow demise.

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  Any discussion about the pros and cons of blogging, especially blogging for SEO, must first clarify the reasoning behind blogging and the part it plays in a successful digital marketing strategy.  In a nutshell, regular blogging using content that

How Audience Connection Has Evolved in the Digital Age

  The evolution of the written word to communicate information to the masses has undergone a seismic shift in a comparatively short period of time.  Officially, digital technology can be traced back to the 1970s but a significant move to

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  With 2023 in the past and 2024 now well underway, it’s hard to overstate just how significant the shifts in the digital marketing landscape have been over the 2020s. Trends have moved rapidly, the narratives around fields such as


  A solid argument can be made that, just as the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location, the three most important factors for any online business are position, position, position.   No matter how perfect

Digital PR and Public Relations

  Public Relations. Just the name itself has a habit of conjuring up images of young go-getters, phones glued to ears, carefully (and craftily) spin-doctoring even the most nefarious of stories.   But regardless of these stereotypes, PR remains an

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