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Data Analysis

Data Into

Businesses are generating data every day. Harnessing the potential of data brings businesses strategic insights and improvement opportunities to support informed market approach and management decisions. Trafficon is bringing data analysis to small-to-medium companies, something that used to be a premium for large enterprises.

Why People Choose Us

Experienced Team

We are a group of experts with experience working for the best corporate brands in Australia (e.g. AfterPay, Dentsu Aegis, REA, SEEK, RACV, CarSales and more),

Marketing Specialist

A creative and talented team that keeps generating amazing marketing ideas that work.

Technical Experts

A team of technical specialists that know how to gather, interpret, and provide insights on a number of data sources.

What We Offer

Data analysis by Trafficon brings business intelligence to small-to-medium enterprises, providing them access to technology and skills to build the business into a market leader.

Data Quality Check​

Our analysts check and create a data quality framework that improves data accuracy and feed quality while providing trustworthy results.​

Text Analysis

By applying statistical pattern learning, businesses can mine unstructured data for comprehensive information analysis.

Machine Learning

We train artificial intelligence models in supervised-to-unsupervised & reinforced learning to deliver tailored data analytics at scale.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

We build intuitive dashboards to translate data into charts and graphs that provide insights to assist in business decisions.

Advanced Analytic & Modelling

Through escalating your analytics capabilities, we help businesses to review past performance and predict future behaviours.

Case Studies

Bringing results to our customers
Trafficon’s search engine optimisation service adopts a holistic approach that covers all aspects of a website to realise the greatest potential of search engine exposure.

Developing Websites On Behalf of the World’s Leading Brands

No matter how big or small a brand is, it still requires a fantastic website to stand out online

case2 3

The Power of Brand Growth Through SEO

It can be hard to stand out online, especially when you’re in a market that already offers a considerable amount of competition.


The Perfect SEO Package For A Packaging Company

Wholesale supplies can be a very competitive industry at the best of times, with many established businesses working to maintain their top spot as the leaders in their industry niche.

case3 1

Airbnb Management SEO: The Long Game of Short-Stay Rentals

There are very few industries that have seen the same level of consistency over the past decade as Airbnb and short-stay rental hosting.


Making Jewellery Displays the Main Event With a Fresh Website

No matter how fantastic a service your business provides, it’s important that you have a website that can really showcase that service if you want to succeed.


Furniture Finesse: The Power of Full-Service SEO

As an online store in the modern age, there is a lot of competition out there, and a lot of different people telling you that they can help you beat that competition for a price.

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