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Whether building new websites or revamping existing websites for businesses, Trafficon is dedicated to providing clients with an enjoyable and interactive browsing experience for their customers. After all, a website with a good user experience is a website that customers can trust, and what’s more important than that?

Trafficon empowers businesses with a functional website to support online operations. Our team of designers and developers brings their experience and attention to building enterprise websites for our clients. We also support businesses in digital marketing, user experience and daily maintenance to improve the exposure of your brand.

Developer Team

Trafficon’s development team is highly experienced in information technology development, including mobile, website, cloud, data security and big data. Members of our passionate team are keen to apply their experience from enterprises to small-to-medium businesses. Their cross-disciplinary experience and skillsets bring our customers solutions that can optimise operations and grow brands.

With Clients

The agile methodology we use at Trafficon allows us to continuously apply customer feedback in our information technology solutions. This helps our solutions to fit our clients, ready-for-application and optimised for use. Our solutions can evolve and adapt to each business so our clients can make the best use of the product. Through continuous communication with our clients, our approach builds innovative approaches to every business and continues to develop for each organisation.

Website Design & Development Services

Our web team provides clients with a full suite of website building and maintenance options aimed at supporting their digital presence and improving the experience of users.

Website Development​

We develop websites for eCommerce and informative purposes. The websites we built focus on optimising conversion and user experience, including the customer-facing front and the content management system.

eCommerce Websites​

Build an online shop front allows businesses to sell at any time and in any country with trialled and tested shopping experience to optimise conversion. Our marketing experience further

Website Design​

Our designers create websites that “forms follow function” and focus on user experience. We combine the technical capabilities of experienced developers with creative solutions from designers to create opportunities for exponential brand growth.

Website Maintainence​

Constant attention on websites helps to maintain website functionalities and uphold data security. Trafficon helps businesses to keep a close eye on websites for any potential mishaps while performing regular software and security updates for websites to continue the excellent user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation​

Search engine optimisation (SEO) aims to improve search engine ranking of website to increase exposure and lead more traffic to the site. Our website team applies their knowledge in user experience design and marketing to optimise websites for human users and search engine bots.


Engaging and original content on websites supports confidence building and search engine optimisation. Our team has experience writing for multiple industries through an inclusive and creative language to gain attention to brands and support the delivery of branded messages.

Landing Page​

Carefully curated landing pages convert interested visitors into leads. Our website and user experience designers help businesses formulate and develop highly optimised and interactive landing pages for advertising campaigns to encourage click-through and improve marketing performance.

Email Marketing​

Marketing through email is not a strategy of the past but still highly effective in encouraging customers to return. Supported by data analytics and precise marketing, emails to customers can be tailored to the individual email addresses and increase click-through rate.

Case Studies

Bringing results to our customers
Trafficon’s search engine optimisation service adopts a holistic approach that covers all aspects of a website to realise the greatest potential of search engine exposure.

Developing Websites On Behalf of the World’s Leading Brands

No matter how big or small a brand is, it still requires a fantastic website to stand out online

case2 3

The Power of Brand Growth Through SEO

It can be hard to stand out online, especially when you’re in a market that already offers a considerable amount of competition.


The Perfect SEO Package For A Packaging Company

Wholesale supplies can be a very competitive industry at the best of times, with many established businesses working to maintain their top spot as the leaders in their industry niche.

case3 1

Airbnb Management SEO: The Long Game of Short-Stay Rentals

There are very few industries that have seen the same level of consistency over the past decade as Airbnb and short-stay rental hosting.


Making Jewellery Displays the Main Event With a Fresh Website

No matter how fantastic a service your business provides, it’s important that you have a website that can really showcase that service if you want to succeed.


Furniture Finesse: The Power of Full-Service SEO

As an online store in the modern age, there is a lot of competition out there, and a lot of different people telling you that they can help you beat that competition for a price.

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