It can be hard to stand out online, especially when you’re in a market that already offers a considerable amount of competition. That’s why SEO is so important, as a way to cut through the noise and ensure that your brand is being seen by those who would want to use your services.

As a local tile store based in NSW, our client had only recently gotten their website up and running and wasn’t seeing a lot in the way of sales and traffic. Whilst running PPC ads was allowing them to pick up some sales, it was clear that a more sustainable growth plan was needed. That’s when a friend recommended the Trafficon team, whom the friend had been working with through their own business, and the results of our work speak for themselves.

graph 2

From a few hundred visitors a month in 2021 to almost 10,000 in 2023, our tile store client has seen enormous organic growth. This has allowed them to keep their PPC spending relatively low, whilst appearing in the top 3 Google positions for over 360 keywords at the time of writing. These results were achieved through a variety of means, including premium link building, content writing, and on-page SEO updates & optimisations based on monthly audits by our team.