What is White Hat SEO? Understanding the Process



If you are a website owner, you have no doubt heard of SEO (search engine optimisation) and how important it is for the success of your website. Most people that operate a website will know just how crucial it is to have an effective SEO strategy in place that will allow your website to be found by potential clients who might be looking for your products, services or information. There are many different elements that need to be considered when you are creating an SEO strategy for your website and it is vital that you take the right approach.

When it comes to SEO, there are two main ways of doing things. First of all, there is black hat SEO which uses tactics that are not favoured by Google. Implementing black hat SEO strategies can negatively impact your website and can result in Google penalising your website or even removing your website from the search rankings completely. The other option is white hat SEO. White hat SEO will give you the best return on your investment, it will get you the best results from your SEO efforts and help your website to climb the rankings without worrying about being penalised by Google in the process.

Continue reading to learn more about white hat SEO and what is involved.

The Basics Of White Hat SEO 

White hat SEO is essentially using search engine optimisation tactics that are considered to be in line with Google’s terms of service. Using white hat SEO tactics means that you are playing by the rules and when it comes to your website, the last thing you want to do is risk being penalised. While there are other search engines out there Google is the dominant force in the search world so if you want to climb their rankings, it’s important that you follow their guidelines.

Follow Best Practices 

Search engine optimisation is a tricky business and there are all sorts of theories out there about how you can outsmart Google’s algorithms. However, in most cases, trying to bend the rules is not a good idea and ultimately it will lead to your website being penalised by the search giant that is Google.

Following best practices is always the best approach. Instead of trying to con the system, focus on offering visitors quality content, make the UX (user experience) a priority, ensure your website is mobile-friendly, include keywords naturally in your content and meta descriptions and develop simple and straightforward site navigation. You should also work on building links to your website from other reputable sources online that will boost the credibility of your website with Google.

Advantages Of White Hat SEO

Some website owners might be tempted by black hat SEO tactics that offer quick and easy results. However, even if these tactics work, which they often do not, you can be sure they will be short-lived. Investing in white hat SEO is an investment in the future of your website and there are many advantages to opting for white hat SEO tactics.

Firstly, white-hat SEO is much more cost-effective than black-hat SEO. This is because black hat SEO tactics usually result in a number of repairs to your website being required in order to get back into Google’s good books, especially if you have built backlinks from shady websites and have engaged in other tactics such as keyword stuffing that are frowned on by Google. White hat SEO also means that you are not going to suddenly wake up one day to find that your site has plummeted in the rankings are been completely removed from the search engine results because you have been penalised by Google. Finally, white hat SEO delivers consistent, stable and long-term results, which is pivotal to the long-term success of your site.

Boost Your Rankings With White Hat SEO Tactics 

If you want to achieve long-lasting results from your SEO efforts, you need to ensure that you follow white-hat SEO tactics. When it comes to improving your position in the rankings, playing by Google’s rules is always the best approach. Doing anything else can potentially harm your site, cause you to be penalised by Google or even result in your website being completely removed from the listings. At Trafficon, we focus exclusively on white hat SEO tactics to ensure we always deliver long-term, reliable results for our clients. Get in touch with our SEO experts at Trafficon today to find out how we can help you to take your SEO results to the next level with nothing but white hat tactics.

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